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Why should I buy from Dudie?
Dudie is a 100% Italian brand. Designed and realised entirely in MILAN in our atelier by professional seamstresses who are  also mothers.
For Dudie, we use natural fabrics of proven origin and a local short supply chain suppliers.
All Dudie models are unique and are 100% customizable: they can be lengthened, shortened, increased on one side and reduced on the other.
Dudie is a versatile project that focuses on the value of work, the environment and above all the most dear thing in the world: our children.
How long does it take to receive my order?
Please note that the items ordered are not available from stock but are made specifically following your specific instructions.
When your purchase is confirmed, the order goes directly to our workshop where the various customisations are studied then proceeds directly to the cutting and sewing stage. Depending on the time of receipt of the order (if before or after 1:00 pm) your order can be sewed and prepared for shipment on the same day (before 1:00 pm) or the day after (if receveid after 1:00 pm). We can therefore say that between the order and the shipment the maximum waiting time is 2/ 3 days.
For urgent deliveries, read the relevant FAQ.
What if i have urgency to receive my ordered item the next day?
No problem!
Confirm your order before 1:00 pm. Tell us the urgency in the notes box and flag the 24 hour urgency box. We will let you have your purchased item the next day.
By 24 hours it's intended 24 working hours. For example, if you confirm your purchase before 1:00 pm on Friday, delivery will take place on the first working day after Friday which is the following Monday. If during the week there are formal holidays and therefore couriers do not pick up or deliver parcel, your delivery will be postponed to the first working day after holidays.
This service is available on Italian territory only excluding the islands and the region of Calabria where delivery timing depends on courier schedules.

And if I change my mind after placing the order?
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