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Dudie: Newborn & Kids’ wear

Dudie is a clothing brand dedicated to girls, boys and babies.
Two collections a year, spring/summer followed by autumn/winter with always unique garments inspired by adult fashion, but adapted to be comfortable to kids' use.
Dresses, shorts, T-shirts and beach wear, conceived for strong characters. Suits made one by one in our Milan atelier to offer a total look to a single garment with the certainty that each piece of the Dudie collection has been designed to match the others. Dresses and outerwear sewn with that very local skill to last over time, and thus dress more children over the life of the garment.
It is our way of contributing to environmental and also social sustainability. Indeed, Dudie believes in circular economy and applies it using small batches of high-quality fabrics left in stock. This choice contributes to not further burdening the ecological footprint of the brand: no new carbon dioxide is produced to create the fabrics of the Dudie collections.
A sustainable choice that offers children the possibility of having items in the most fashionable shades throughout the season and helps to maintain production in Italian workshops. That's why you should dress your little boy or girl a Dudie garment.
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