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Dudie: Newborn & Kids’ wear

Dudie is a premium lifestyle brand of high quality newborns and kids' wear.

Dudie is the expression of an encounter between a Milanese fashion atelier and the 
creative flair of a designer who found in Dudie the natural outlet of many years of
experience. It is an all-female project; of mothers for their children.

A Dudie garment is created with a fantasy inspired by that all-Italian uniqueness: beauty!
Charming, carefully matched and interchangeable garments are timeless and unique at the same time. 
Excellent materials and supreme italian crafstmanship underlie each item of Dudie's collections.

Dudie is love: a Dudie collection is created with love: the love of children and the celebration of
their precious achievements. Dudie is game and adventure! Two fundamental moments along the path of
growth of a child. But Dudie also means respect for the environment and future generations: our work
revolves around environmental and social sustainability with the recovery of dead stock and eco-sustainable
fabrics and the creation of neighbourhood jobs. Dudie is entirely made in Milan.
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