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Welcome to Dudie - Kids' and family wear online store.

Welcome to Dudie "the sign of love"!
Dudie "the sign of love", a new and cool online store of MADE TO ORDER kids wear (2-14 years), mother and family wear.
We are not a Ready to wear store! We propose the models but the real actors are the mothers and their children who combine models, fabrics, patterns and personalize the models according to their needs.
Dudie's Atelier is always in turmoil: new ideas are transformed into new models by combining fabrics and accessories to have the best of the MADE IN ITALY every day. 
Not only! Are you a mom or a designer and have an idea of a special item, a capsule or a whole collection of children's clothing? Let's talk it over!
Our pants, dresses, pajamas, shirts, skirts, jackets, coats, etc. are not just any clothing! They are the result of continuous research, years of experience and passion. If you are passionate too, take part with your ideas, in our sustainable kids' wear project, made entirely in Milan by mothers who know the needs of other mothers, dedicated to the dearest thing in the world: our children.

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